INFS 291 Fall 2010 (a new class)

This fall I’ll be teaching INFS 291, Introduction to Internet Programming for E-Business.

Catalog Description

INFS 291 – Introduction to Internet Programming for E-business(3) Introduction to web-design, internet technologies and development issues within an e-business setting. Overview of internet technologies including browsers, FTP clients, mailers and search engines. Web page development using HTML, cascading style sheets, tables, image maps, frames, and forms using freely available and commercial web editors. Introduction to JavaScript and Java applets. Prereq: CS 201 or consent of instructor. (F)

Textbook: Felke-Morris, Terry. Web Development and Design Foundations with XHTML, 5th Edition. ISBN: 0-13-212270-7.  Associated website

Contact me if you have questions! I’m looking forward to this class.