iOS Note Taking Apps

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Updated 4/5/2019 There are tons of these apps. I’ve only tried a few. Many of these apps can open and annotate pdf files also. I’ve tried a few others but these stand out. My current favorites are Noteshelf and Goodnotes.

iOS Text Editors and Word Processors

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Updated 4/5/2019 While I’m not interested in reviewing apps, I’ve been asked several times which ones I use. This is my step to answer those questions.   Keep in mind that word processors offer more formatting options than text editors.

iOS PDF Annotation Packages

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Updated 4/5/2019 I spend a lot of time reading articles for research–these articles are generally pdf files. I’ve tried several different annotation packages for the iPad. Note: I have no interest in reviewing apps–lots of other people do that already. However several people have asked what apps I use. Your preferences will vary.

Pingdom: A Resource for Testing Website Speed

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The speed with which a page loads is very important! If a page loads too slowly, users simply leave. Also search engines often include page speed as a factor in ranking sites. Speed matters! There are many tools available to help evaluate the speed of a website. One that I often use is ┬áThis […]

Preventing WordPress Attacks

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Recently a number of my WordPress based sites suffered an attack. Although I spent quite a bit of time attempting to clean the sites, I ended up deleting and rebuilding them (thank goodness for data-only backups!). As a result, I also explored ways to prevent this from happening again. There are MANY MANY steps to […]

Recovering from a WordPress Infection

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Recently I noticed that many of my wordpress based web sites (including this one) were running very slowly. I also noticed that my hosting company was limiting my CPU cycles (their way of balancing load). To increase speed, I installed a highly-rated caching program, which generated tons of errors. At first I blamed the plugin…then […]