iOS Text Editors and Word Processors

Updated 4/5/2019

While I’m not interested in reviewing apps, I’ve been asked several times which ones I use. This is my step to answer those questions.


Keep in mind that word processors offer more formatting options than text editors.


If you use Word on a PC, this is a great option. However it helps if you have an Office 365 subscription.


This is also a very solid wood processor. I’m very impressed.


Update: Editorial is still an amazing text and markdown editor; however, it has not been updated in over a year. Rumor has it this app has been abandoned. Time will tell.

Editorial is an amazing text and markdown editor. It also features a fascinating automation system (which I have not really used). As an editor it’s really amazing. It’s a universal app. If I only had space for one, I’d pick this.


Drafts 4 is a fantastic package. Unfortunately, Drafts 5 uses a subscription basis. While many packages (like Day One) add options with the subscription, Drafts 5 actually removed functions found in Drafts 4 unless you purchase a $20 / year subscription. I would gladly buy the new version for the same $4.99 I paid for the first one–but the subscription frustrating. (Night mode, for example, is only available by subscription).

However, I really like Drafts. This is a text and markdown editor, but features the absolute best voice recognition / dictation system I have encountered. While it does use Apple’s transcription service, it just does a fantastic job.

Drafts advertises itself as “where text starts” but you can use it as a full-blown editor if you wish. I use it to store bits and pieces of text which are then moved to other apps.

Good app. I don’t like the subscription basis for the new version, but this is a good app.

iA Writer

I do not have a copy of this; however, I’ve been considering this as a replacement for Editorial. The reviews are very positive. Also there’s a Windows version. (My favorite Windows markdown editor is still GhostWriter).


Update: Still fantastic. I purchased the new version, which now includes an SSH terminal! This is really powerful–I would not select this as a general editor, but for HTML/CSS or programming–this is the best.

Textastic is really amazing. It features syntax for HTML, CSS, and multiple programming languages. If you want to create web pages or write programming code, get this.