Should You Pay For Themes and Plugins, or Just Use Free Ones?

What’s the deal?

People like WordPress for many reasons, including ease of use. Often, the large number of themes and plugins available are given as reasons also.

Recently a number of authors have begun debating the benefits of premium themes and plugins as opposed to the free ones. There are lots of good arguments on both sides. Rather than repeating what others have said, this post will simply summarize the arguments.

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Should I use WordPress or HTML?

Creating a new website: Should you use WordPress or HTML?

WordPress has been in the news a lot lately. We often see statistics explaining how many of the top web sites are based on WordPress. There’s a reason–it’s really a great tool. However a few people disagree and suggest coding by hand using HTML. Which approach is best?

It depends!

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Final exams

Good luck on finals tomorrow. Posted with Blogsy