Preventing WordPress Attacks

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Recently a number of my WordPress based sites suffered an attack. Although I spent quite a bit of time attempting to clean the sites, I ended up deleting and rebuilding them (thank goodness for data-only backups!). As a result, I also explored ways to prevent this from happening again. There are MANY MANY steps to […]

Recovering from a WordPress Infection

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Recently I noticed that many of my wordpress based web sites (including this one) were running very slowly. I also noticed that my hosting company was limiting my CPU cycles (their way of balancing load). To increase speed, I installed a highly-rated caching program, which generated tons of errors. At first I blamed the plugin…then […]

WordPress Security

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As many of you know, my primary research interest is Information Systems security. Recently I’ve read a number of articles discussing security within WordPress. Here are links to a few of those articles. What do these have in common? Lots! Every article I’ve seen will stress the importance of NOT using the default admin account! […]

Should You Pay For Themes and Plugins, or Just Use Free Ones?

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What’s the deal? People like WordPress for many reasons, including ease of use. Often, the large number of themes and plugins available are given as reasons also. Recently a number of authors have begun debating the benefits of premium themes and plugins as opposed to the free ones. There are lots of good arguments on […]

Should I use WordPress or HTML?

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Creating a new website: Should you use WordPress or HTML? WordPress has been in the news a lot lately. We often see statistics explaining how many of the top web sites are based on WordPress. There’s a reason–it’s really a great tool. However a few people disagree and suggest coding by hand using HTML. Which […]